Work With Us

Partnering with Innovate Birmingham can happen in many different ways! Whether it be through hiring our graduates, providing internships, mentoring, joining our career fairs or participating in our mock interviews, we’re always looking to connect you with up-and-coming tech talent!

What Does it Mean to Be a Partner?

The short answer is: Anything! Partnering with Innovate Birmingham is only bound by your imagination. We are open to all ideas and will work as a thought partner with you to figure out what sort of relationship works best for all of us. Whether that be hiring our graduates, providing internships, mentoring, mock interviewing, or just coming to say hey to our students, we're looking for any way we can connect new tech talent with you!

Our Employer Partners

Our employer partners are not only hiring talent from Innovate Birmingham — they are partners in developing that talent! They engage with participants year-round by hosting professional development workshops, attending career fairs, and engaging in candidate interview sessions.

Our Network Partners

Our network partners are uniquely positioned to support local youth and under- or unemployed adults in Alabama as they receive training for high-paying, high-demand jobs in the tech sector.