What is Innovate Birmingham

The Problem


IT jobs posted in Birmingham in 2015


Disconnected Young Adults in Birmingham

The Plan & The History

In 2017, Birmingham was awarded Obama's America's Promise Grant for ~$6 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Labor to equip underemployed and unemployed young adults in the Greater Birmingham region with resources they need to advance into Information Technology (IT) jobs.

There's a mismatch of supply & demand in the Birmingham Tech Scene. We have more jobs to fill than we have qualified and trained applicants. Innovate Birmingham Workforce Department is part of the solution. We provide education in software development and data analytics, as well as offer scholarships to UAB, Jeff State, and Lawson state. The goal of our program is to provide opportunity, free of charge, and create a pipeline between talented people and employers in Birmingham.

Evaluating the Tech Ecosystem

Along with Innovate Birmingham Workforce there was another branch of Innovate Birmingham (or how we lovingly referred to it: "Big Innovate") which was responsible for evaluating and researching the tech ecosystem in Birmingham. Throughout their year and a half long tenure, Big Innovate produced a number of reports that reveal the gaps and issues found in the Birmingham tech scene.

What is a Startup and Why Should We Care?

Tech Ecosystem Gaps: Report #1

The Entrepreneur's Point of View

Tech Ecosystem Gaps: Report #2

The Corporation's Point of View

Tech Ecosystem Gaps: Report #3

The Investor's Point of View

Tech Ecosystem Gaps: Report #4

Recommendations: The Final Report

Tech Ecosystem Gaps: Report #5